We start from a blank slate and develop land that provides business and living opportunities for communities. 

Mixed-use developments are extremely popular and have been going up all over the country. These types of buildings allow a developer to bring in new businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops and retail stores, as well as residential living spaces with high-end amenities and common areas. Not only creating drastic improvements for the community, but also creating convenient living spaces for the active on-the-go family.

Partnering with the community.

We believe it is crucial to have a strong partnership with the local community when building a project that impacts land, roads and everyday living conditions. ESDM works closely with community leaders, environmental committees and local residents to make sure our plans to develop a location fit within the short and long term goals of the city or town we’re in. The project has to work for everyone in order for us to be successful.

Looking to invest in Real Estate?

If you are looking to capitalize on high-return and secure investment opportunities then Real Estate is your best bet. We help investors maximize profits and ongoing income by creating multi-unit apartment complexes, or renovating existing apartments, to improve living conditions and maximize rental income. Whether your looking to invest in a new building or purchase an existing one, we have the resources to manage the entire process. Our investment partners and real estate connections allow us to help get your real estate portfolio off the ground. Learn more about our real estate and apartment complex services by clicking here.

Our Mixed-use Development services include:

  • Ground-up construction of new buildings
  • Apartment and multi-use communities
  • Property management

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