Our ability to manage projects effectively and efficiently help us control budgets and manage schedule for our clients.

Our site supervisors are charged with managing projects of all different sizes, budgets and schedule demands. We are dedicated to keeping projects on track by setting clear expectations with all of our subcontractors up front, working with them and discussing potential obstacles that we may encounter on the way. With consistent and frequent meetings, onsite schedule boards and various project management tools we are able to execute and deliver superior results.


In many cases, most construction problems occur when there is a lack of communication or understanding of the project expectations between the client, general contractor and/or architect. Before any tools are brought on site we host several pre-construction meetings with all of our subcontractors, the design team and the client to make sure we are all on the same page and focused on the same project goals. Once the entire team is comfortable we will begin construction on site.

Change orders and invoicing.

Most projects, if not all, have scope changes for one reason or another. Whether it be client driven, unforeseen conditions or missing information changes can happen. We believe it comes down to how they are managed which ultimately control the outcome of change orders. On all of our projects change orders are documented at the time of request, or the time we encounter the change, and then processed through our office for a larger discussion with our client. A budget is assigned to the change order, as well as how it impacts the schedule or other trades. Once the change order is approved and payment terms are agreed upon we will issue the approval to the site supervisor for execution of the work.

Project completion and punch list items.

At the completion of the project we will provide a final review of the work and conduct a walk-through with the client. Although we strive to avoid punch list items, they occur. We understand how they can impact the completion of a project, which is why we address any outstanding punch list items or issues in a timely manor.

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