A modern construction company with innovative building techniques and a reputation for superior quality.

ES Development & Management, Corp. is located in Massachusetts and proudly serves all of New England, as well as other areas in the country. We provide General Contracting and Construction services, Site Development, Project Management and Property Management for commercial and residential clients. We’ve built a long list of brand name clients throughout several industries that have worked with us on many projects over the years. Our greatest asset, and why we believe our projects are so successful, is our ability to work closely with our clients and the design team right from the pre-construction stages. This allows us to identify and discuss crucial milestones, set realistic expectations, review construction costs and spending, and develop a REAL construction schedule.


Our philosophy is really simple, we provide the highest quality product and proudly stand by our work in order to build trust and establish long-term relationships with repeat clients.


Our team has experience in all facets of the construction process, from flooring and finish work to HVAC and electrical systems. This gives us the ability to evaluate and vet out our subcontractor teams, carefully recommend and select products and technologies, and understand and react when more efforts or resources need to be allocated to a particular piece of a project to stay on track.


By far the most important topic of conversation in our office, QUALITY. Whether it is the fasteners we use that you’ll never see, the tightness of the envelope or the crown molding finishes, you can feel confident in the quality of our workmanship and the longevity of the products we work with. We take great pride in all aspects of our work and stand by every building we construct or renovate.


We understand that working in a safe and clean environment is not only required and regulated, but also beneficial for our subcontractors when it comes to productivity and keeping their own teams safe from work-related injuries. Our site supervisors follow OSHA regulations and are held to very high standards when it comes to running a safe and clean job site. Most importantly, when our clients step on site for a meeting or an unexpected visit we want the site conditions to be safe.

Our difference.

  • We don’t engage in a project unless we fully understand the details
  • We’ve built a strong subcontractor team
  • We control costs and manage budgets
  • We work fluidly with design teams
  • We know how to manage a schedule
  • We are diligent with managing the entire construction process
  • We adapt well to adversity and are able to think fast when required
  • We welcome and embrace new technologies that help our team be more efficient
  • And most importantly, we take a tremendous amount of pride in every single project we build

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