Helping clients finish off their new space, customized exactly how they want it.

In many instances, businesses will purchase a “shell” that will require a “fit-out” of interior finishes based on the type of business and design. We specialize in working with clients that want to provide the finishing touches on their new space to get the business up and running. The level of work can vary from basic finishes of paint, flooring and trim — to new walls for offices and conference rooms, sectioning off spaces for dual-use or new mechanical and electrical systems.

Flexibility with unlimited possibilities.

That’s right! You can finish a space off any way you’d like, and we have the resources and capabilities to do so. Our team will provide complete construction services from framing to finish and we will work with the design team to ensure every detail is understood and executed. We can also provide construction management services to oversee a builder, or contractors, that you prefer to work with. That’s where our flexibility comes in.

Our Tenant Fit-out services include:

  • Customized completion of a space for new businesses
  • Completing finishes for a new space
  • Office fit-outs
  • Retail fit-outs
  • Common areas
  • Completing or improving HVAC systems, electrical and plumbing

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